Lux Aeterna. Psalms of falling

Gyorgy Ligeti
Lux aeterna, for 16 voices (version for 12 voices and electronics)

Peter Kerkelov
phos-phorus, for vocal ensemble and electronics

Maxim Kolomiiets
Disappearing voices, for vocal ensemble and electronics on a text by Viktor Rekalo

Maxim Shalygin
Sub Rosa, for vocal ensemble and electronics on a text by Robert Frost

Alla Zagaykevych
Psalms of Falling, for vocal ensemble and electronics on a text by Iya Kywa

Olga Prykhodko
Author of the idea and producer

Maryana Shiposh
Project manager

The Lux Aeterna. Psalms of falling is a project about memory, fragility and infinity.
The memory of generations that lives in each of us.
The fragility of human life, which is interrupted so unexpectedly.
The infinity and continuity of all processes that surround us - people.

The Lux Aeterna. Psalms of falling was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great inventor for new musical soundscapes, György Ligeti. The first part of the title of this project is a reference to Ligeti's masterpiece Lux Aeterna for 16 voices, a turning point in Western vocal music.

The main theme of the project is the memory of all the dead Ukrainian artists who became victims of the Russian war in Ukraine. Ukrainian and Bulgarian composers Maxim Kolomiiets, Maxim Shalygin, Alla Zagaykevych, Peter Kerkelov composed pieces for vocal ensemble and electronics as a dedication to the memory of these people. All four pieces take up’s Ligeti’s eternal music both musically and in terms of content and show the many facets of contemporary Ukrainian music. Each of the composer use the electronics in his own way – this include combination of voice and tape, the combination and search for live timbres, the constructiona of a new timbres based on  data synthesis, electronic vocie processing in a real time, etc.

In this project Alter Ratio presents Ligeti’s Lux Aeterna in version that replace four of 16 voices with electronics—also as a symbol for and in memory of the missing voices of teh Ukrainian artist and people killed during the war.

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