Meredith Monk
A Celebration Service

Joint Ukrainian-American project by vocal ensemble Alter Ratio and Meredith Monk / The House Foundation for the Arts.
The project was supported by the United States Embassy in Ukraine on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

The vocal and choreographic performance A Celebration Service reproduces a unique atmosphere of combining the spiritual and the physical through the connection of singing, dancing and the play of light and shadow. This journey into the world of spiritual traditions of different cultures is unlimited in time. In this "holiday service", written in 1999 before the new millennium, Meredith Monk combines singing and singing, dancing and reading from Buddhist texts, Hasidic sayings, Zen poetry and Christian prayer.

The international format of the project made possible the joint staging of the performance, the exchange of experience between American and Ukrainian artists. The collaboration was joined by director Tom Bogdan and choreographer Allison Easter, who are members of Meredith Monk / The House Foundation for the Art and Meredith Monk`s Vocal Ensemble. The project involved leading Ukrainian artists in the field of contemporary art: Vocal Ensemble Alter Ratio (artistic director—Olga Prykhodko), Sed Contra Ensemble (artistic director—Andriy Merhel), jazz singer Nazgul Shukaeva, light artist and set designer Dmytro Kostyuminsky, video artist Alina Fedotova.

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