Iphigenia in Tauris.
Bride for terrorist

Project by Dmytro Kostyuminsky, with the participation of the vocal ensemble Alter Ratio.

Director—Dmitry Kostiumynskyi (with Igor Aronov)
Set design—Dmitry Kostiumynskyi 
Text—Euripides (adapting Dmitry Kostiumynskyi) translated Innocentyi Anenskyi
Music and Live electronic—Alex Retynskyi
Voice—Nazgul Shukayeva
Chorus—Vocal Ensemble Alter Ratio under the direction of Olga Prykhodko
Percussion—Elena Shabelska

Stage play with prologue, three acts and seven scenes. Stage play is performed in Russian language.

Iphigenia, the victim. Iphigenia, the priestess. Iphigenia, the loving sister. The classic tragedy of Euripides re-thought and adapted to contemporary reality is laid in the plot of the stage play. 

Old Greece tragedy crosses the dimension of modernity and became actual today. For many centuries the works of Euripides inclines humankind to dialog between different social categories, try to mend relations in society, balance its structure on basis of democracy principles.

Stage play reflects relations of Ukraine that is on stage of creation of its independence and states that hold dominating position on global arena. Place of events is Tauris, contemporary Crimea. Total globalization of the world, both informative and economic, comes to decadence that leads to fight of the system with itself and occurrence of new and new world and civil conflicts.

For solving of the problem it is necessary to make a sacrifice. In given historical era the development of idea of radical Islamism, born in fact from the system itself, could not have come in better time. And this is the reason why Islamism received a label of global terrorism that should be fought against.

In era of global fight, change of social system and geo-political redistribution of existing borders, Iphigenia stands on block-post of disappearing world. She’s bewildered, unable to understand her inner voice. She’s hesitating about worthiness of future act, should she sacrifice herself and her motherland. «Terroristic hypothesis lays in the fact that system has to kill itself in answer to a range of deaths—challenges. Because neither system, nor power is able to avoid the symbolical need, and this is the only chance to ruin them.» Jean Baudrillard.

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