Maxim Kolomiiets
Marian antiphons for 12 soloists with percussion and oboe (English horn)

Svyatoslav Lunyov
Mariologia for mixed choir, harp and percussion

Alexey Retinsky
Antiphonae Marinae for mixed choir and percussion

Maxim Shalygin
Marian antiphons for 12 voices

Olga Prykhodko
Author of the idea and producer

Mariologia is the anthology of musical images of the Virgin Mary created by four contemporary Ukrainian composers—Maxim Shalygin, Svyatoslav Lunyov, Maxim Kolomiiets and Alexey Retinsky.
The four prayers—Alma Redemptoris Mater, Ave Regina Caelorum, Regina Caeli and Salve Regina— are known under the general title of Marian antiphons (B.V.M. Antifone).

While working on this project, every composer has entered into dialogue not only with sacred texts, but also with a chain of cultural memory, which is inherent in these texts. The composers were focused on trying to «vocalize» the words in the spirit of our time. Some of them tried to reflect on the meaning of the texts in contemporary context; the others worked with a verbal aspect as an additional musical timbre, paying major attention to sounding rather than the meaning of these texts. Someone used the whole palette of symbols that the sacred text and the very image of the Virgin Mary contain; the others involved musical images of previous ages, complementing them by the newest composers` techniques.

This work is a continuation of the long lasting tradition of transforming texts into music: starting from Gregorian chants to multi-layer and compleх timbral compositions based on the most advanced composing techniques.

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