Musical-theatrical performance based on David Lang's «The little match girl passion»

Project by the vocal ensemble Alter Ratio with the participation of director Dmitry Kostiyminskyi.

Performance strangely intertwines horror and beauty. The main heroine is a girl, she goes the way of total lack of money of the family, bullying of her peers, incest and father’s violence. Going an unbearable path to the desired life, she dies from cold, drug overdose and indifference of the surrounding society. The dance appears here both at the level of modern plastics and in the rhythm of the vocal line. And in it rejection is no less than the desire for unity. "In this performance we do not play, we do not depict. We are ourselves, we are each of you. This Passion for indifference, for cynicism and loneliness in society "
David Lang: «I wanted to tell a story. A special story: the story of a girl with matches of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen. It's like a kid's tale. As in many famous stories for children, there is a shocking mixture in it: a terrible plot and moral. The poor little girl who is beaten by her father on the eve of the New Year unsuccessfully tries to sell matches on the street, nobody pays attention to her, and she dies from the cold on the last evening of the old year. On this path, she somehow preserves the Christian purity of the spirit». 

David Lang equated the suffering of the freezing girl to Christ. By combining Hans Andersen's fairytale girl with matches with the church genre, he brought her thinking to a new level—comprehensive, humane, painful, social and super-actual.

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