Visionaries of Sound

Steve Reich / US "Proverb" based on the texts of Ludwig Wittgenstein, for five voices, two vibraphones and two electric organs (* Ukrainian premiere)

Maxim Kolomiiets / UA "Gli sguardi pigri" based on the text by Tristan Tzar from the opera "Espenbaum" (Osokore) (2003/2018), for female ensemble a cappella

Anna Korsun / UA / DE Landscapes (2014), for five votes

Oleksiy Retinsky / UA / AT (born 1986, Ukraine) suite from the play "Iphigenia in Tauris" on the texts of the ancient tragedy of Euripides (2015), for female voices and percussion instruments
Maxim Shalygin / UA / NL "Oil upon your shore", the text based on the libretto by Charles Genens of the oratorio GF Handel "Israel in Egypt" (2019), for the choir a cappella (* Ukrainian prem 'era)

Beat Furrer / AT / CH "Enigma" on lyrics by Leonardo da Vinci (2006/2015), for choir (* Ukrainian premiere)

Alfred Schnittke / RU Concerto for choir a cappella based on lyrics by Grigor of Narik.

The Visionaries of Sound project is dedicated to the decade of founding vocal ensemble Alter Ratio. The concert program is based on the main creative credo of the group—promoting the new Ukrainian and European vocal, ensemble and choral music. The concert program includes premieres of both young Ukrainian composers and leading composers of contemporary European and American music.

One of the motives that unites all the works in the program are allusions or very specific "mentions" of different historical epochs. Steve Reich's Proverb, as he said, is the result of a study of the work of Perotin and representatives of the Notre Dame school; Beat Furrer`s works «Enigma» voiced the prophecies of Leonardo da Vinci; Alexei Retinsky wrote works on the original ancient Greek text of the tragedy of Euripides, using reconstructed modes of ancient Greek music.

Each of these works in one way or another "expands" the possibilities of the human voice and gives the choral sound of supernatural qualities. Anna Korsun went the furthest in her work Landscapes—she used an incredible palette of extended vocal techniques. In Maxim Kolomiiets`s and Maxim Shalygin`s works harmonious and timbre techniques make the vocal ensemble sound like various instruments, or an orchestra, or create the illusion of electronic sound.

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