Composer—Svyatoslav Lunyov (UA)
Performers—Vocal ensemble Alter Ratio (conductor Olga Prykhodko)
feat Viktoriia Vitrenko (UA/DE)
Duet soloist—Viktoriia Vitrenko and Ruslan Kirsh (UA)
Choreographic advisor and assistance—Viktor Ruban (UA)
Sound engineer—Andrey Shakhadynets, Svyatoslav Lunyov (UA)
Video editing—Open Theatre (UA)
Design—Anna Lee (UA/FR)
Project manager—Maryanna Shiposh (UA)
Artistic director and producer—Olga Prykhodko (UA)

The project was created during a lockdown between Stuttgart-Kyiv-Paris within the framework of the #Virtual_Partner_Residens supported by Goethe-Institut.

meredith monk︎︎︎

Meredith Monk "Atlas"
Earth Seen from Above

Vocal ensemble Alter Ratio
Artistic director—Olga Prykhodko

GogolFest 2018


Maxim Kolomiiets
Marian antiphons for 12 soloists with percussion and oboe (English horn)

Svyatoslav Lunyov
Mariologia for mixed choir, harp and percussion

Alexey Retinsky
Antiphonae Marinae for mixed choir and percussion

Maxim Shalygin
Marian antiphons for 12 voices

Olga Prykhodko
Author of the idea and producer

visionaires of sound︎︎︎

The concert of the Vocal Ensemble Alter Ratio is dedicated to the tenth anniversary.

The concert took place at the National Philharmonic of Ukraine on October 5, 2020

Viktoriia Vitrenko—soprano
Nazgulya Shukaeva—soprano, throat singing Valeria Shulga—electric organ
Vladislava Kruskal—electric organ
Yevhen Ulianov—percussions
Anastasiia Sabadash—percussions

Iphigenia in Tauris︎︎︎

Project by Dmytro Kostyuminsky, with the participation of the Vocal Ensemble Alter Ratio.

Director—Dmitry Kostiumynskyi (with Igor Aronov)
Set design—Dmitry Kostiumynskyi 
Text—Euripides (adapting Dmitry Kostiumynskyi ) translated Innocentyi Anenskyi
Music and Live electronic—Alex Retynskyi
Voice—Nazgul Shukayeva
Chorus—Vocal Ensemble Alter Ratio under the direction of Olga Prykhodko
Percussion—Elena Shabelska

the little match girl passion︎︎︎

David Lang

Vocal ensemble Alter Ratio—conductor and artistic director Olga Prykhodko
Director, scenography—Dmytryi Kostumynskyi
Actress, dancer—Kristina Slobodianiuk

23 May 2019
Mystetskyi Arsenal

the noel consort︎︎︎

The Noel consort is a project for composing, audio recording and performing a concert for choir on based on traditional carols.

The idea of the cycle is an unconventional arrangement of well-known traditional European carols.
Each carol appears in unusual sounding and original genre interpretation.
The Noel consort represents a unique encyclopedia of contemporary choral writing.
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